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particular person and the household. The reply to questions connected with inhabitants progress should instead by sought in simultaneous respect both of sexual morals and of social ethics, promoting larger justice and genuine solidarity so that dignity is given to life in all circumstances, beginning with financial, social and cultural circumstances. 218. In its “objective” reality, marriage is ordered to the procreation and training of youngsters. The marriage union, actually, offers fullness of life to that sincere reward of self, the fruit of which is children, who in flip are a present for the mother and father, for the whole family and all of society. Nonetheless, marriage was not instituted for the only real purpose of procreation. Its indissoluble character and its worth of communion remain even when kids, although greatly desired, don’t arrive to complete conjugal life. In this case, the spouses “can give expression to their generosity by adopting abandoned children or performing demanding companies for others”. 214. The priority of the household over society and over the State must be affirmed. The household in fact, at least in its procreative function, is the situation itself for their existence. With regard to other functions that profit every of its members, it proceeds in importance and worth the features that society and the State are referred to as to perform. The household possesses inviolable rights and finds its legitimization in human nature and not in being recognized by the State. The household, then, doesn’t exist for society or the State, however society and the State exist for the family. 213. The household, the pure group in which human social nature is skilled, makes a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the great of society. The family unit, in reality, is born from the communion of individuals. “‘Communion’ has to do with the private relationship between the ‘I’ and the ‘thou’. ‘Community’ then again transcends this framework and strikes in direction of a ‘society’, a ‘we’. The family, as a community of persons, is thus the primary human ‘society’“. 212. The family has central significance in reference to the individual. It is in this cradle of life and love that individuals are born and develop; when a baby is conceived, society receives the gift of a new one that is called “from the innermost depths of self to communion with others and to the giving of self to others”. It is in the household, therefore, that the mutual giving of self on the part of man and woman united in marriage creates an surroundings of life in which youngsters “develop their potentialities, turn into aware of their dignity and prepare to face their distinctive and particular person destiny”. 198. Men and women have the particular responsibility to

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