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example within the brief term, the middle time period and the long term. Methodology examine of this paper centered to solve the raw water disaster and regulate flooding in Jeneponto Regency. The governments apply by not solely building of the Karalloe Dam but in addition to apply an built-in strategy. One of the straightforward, simple and inexpensive water therapy technologies is the Sand Filtration expertise. Sand Filtration is among the very small grains of sand as a filter media. This research is an experiment. The goal to be achieved on this examine is to research the difference in the thickness of the sand filter media to the filtration pace and the amount of filtration discharge, which is the object of research is the uncooked water of the Departemen engineering Hasanuddin University with remedy using a protracted reactor 5 cm, width 5 cm and top 15 cm, Down Flow filtering technique with sand thickness varies specifically cm, 3 cm, 5 cm, in addition to that it additionally uses 15 cm gravel and 5 cm fibers. Testing is completed by screening, calculating the speed of water via the filter and checking the circulate of water. The results have been obtained with a thickness of cm sand filtration media leading to a filtration circulate of zero, m3/second with move fee filtration , m/second, a thickness of 3 cm sand filtration media resulting in a filtration flow of zero, m3/second with rate filtration .879 m/second while 5 cm sand produces filtration flow zero, m3/second with fee filtration zero.969 m/second. It could be concluded by rising the thickness of the filtration media filtration discharge and filtration pace additionally will increase. This analysis is a field research conducted in the estuary Jeneberang river. The estuary, the transitional zone shaped between the river surroundings and the marine surroundings. In this region, there may be the mixing of seawater with fresh water that has its own uniqueness with fluctuating salinity. This research goals to see the sample of salinity distribution and temperature within the area of Jeneberang estuary on the tide and receding conditions. Data retrieval channeled on the realm of Jeneberang estuaries with a distance between factors m utilizing the ADCP and CTD instruments. The outcomes showed an increase in salinity at Jeneberang estuary, which was influenced by floor and river mattress. Heavy rain causes landslide and debris move, which produce sediment and woody debris in the mountain river basin. During the process, woody debris and sediment are trapped by the obstacles. As a result, woody particles accumulations at bridges are shaped.

i might look like i’m listening to you but in my head i’m playing my guitar shirt 3(1)

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