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The hottest i like to party and by party i mean read books cat poster

requiring a paradigm shift on development efforts. He stated that women are the backbone of societies and the force that holds them together. Last year, the Government submitted its national report on progress and challenges, noting significant progress in education, with women and girls enjoying universal access, and in addressing violence against women. The country established a support and The hottest i like to party and by party i mean read books cat poster referral centre on gender-based violence, and the Government of Canada funded a court on sexual offence cases. He called on all States to accelerate efforts to achieve progress and enact transformational change across all spheres and levels of society. CAROLYS HELENA PÉREZ GONZÁLEZ, Minister of the People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality of Venezuela, stressed that the achievements of the Beijing Conference are at risk of regressing because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Her country’s Constitution incorporates the most advanced legal framework for gender equality. Outlining various national measures taken to battle the feminization of poverty, she said that 20 million houses have been built and women have been guaranteed the right to universal education. As well, Venezuela set up a national institute for women in 1999 and established a women’s development bank. Condemning the economic and commercial blockade brought about by the unilateral measures imposed by the United States, she demanded recognition and respect for international law, underscoring that food and medicine should not be used to exert pressure on her country. DAMARES ALVES, Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights of Brazil, reiterated her country’s commitment to women’s sexual and reproductive health, adding, however, that international recommendations on that topic must be implemented by States in line with their respective domestic laws. Despite what is sometimes said in United Nations forums, there is no alleged right to the termination of pregnancy, nor is there anything in international law or international human rights law regarding the hypothetical right of women to abortion as a family planning option. She underscored Brazil’s efforts to increase women’s involvement in politics, adding that it is past time to eradicate violence against women. MARITZA ROSABAL PENA, Minister for Education, Family and Social Inclusion of Cabo Verde, said the effects of the pandemic means the Beijing Declaration “should be uppermost in our minds”. Figures indicate that women have been on the front lines in dealing with the crisis as caregivers and educators and are overrepresented in the informal sector and those involving unpaid labour. She stated that Governments must strive against structural inequalities affecting women and girls, noting that 62 per cent of Cabo Verdean Government programmes on sustainable

The hottest i like to party and by party i mean read books cat poster
i like to party and by party i mean read books cat poster 1

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