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emission elements. The outcomes of the study present that the CO emission load on Jl. Ance Daeng Ngoyo and Jl. Karunrung, when Car Free Day is smaller than Non Car Free Day while on Jl. Hj Saleh Daeng Tompo when Car Free Day is greater than Non Car Free Day . The results of statistical tests also showed that there were no vital variations when Car Free Day and Non Car Free Day . Activities at PT. PLN Makassar Tello Sector particularly Gas Turbine Power Plant produces exhaust emissions that may be air pollution for the surroundings if the standard just isn’t monitored. Therefore, an analysis of the sample distribution of exhaust emissions in Gas Turbine Power Plant needs to be done to determine the focus produced and dispersion sample and path of its unfold. The modeling in this study makes use of AERMOD software and requires meteorological assist information and ground elevation to run the software. The results confirmed that the distribution of SO, NO, CO, and particulates gas pollutants was in line with the dominant wind path found in windrose. The concentration received by the receptors is very small and doesn’t exceed the ambient air high quality requirements based on South Sulawesi Governor Regulation Number 9 of which is μg/Nm for SO, a hundred and fifty μg/Nm for NO, , μg/Nm for CO, and μg/Nm for particulates. Thus, the influence received by the receptor is not felt immediately. RBS placement on a castellated beam on exterior connection structure with RBS place from column face refers to Prequalified Connection for Special and Intermediate Moment Frames for Seismic Application AISC , Article .. The column beam test aims to gauge structural ductility of the RBS on the castellated beam flange from the column face. The research was anticipated to clarify the effect on column beam joints to supply enter for planning earthquake-resistant building constructions. The results show that the castellated check beam with RBS may withstand a load of . kN with a value of four. structural ductilities. One of the successes of a development operation is decided by the service provider because the executor of construction exercise in order that the competency of the service supplier will decide the implementation of construction activities. The performance of construction work is claimed to be good if it meets the time, high quality and costs following the contractual settlement that has been agreed with the service consumer. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System is one of the figuring out components in development work that is nonetheless not

i don’t hoard fabric i just shop faster than i quilt all over printed stainless steel tumbler 2(3) – Copy

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