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one semester. Designed for college students with no earlier dance coaching, this course offers a basis for the further research of quite a lot of dance types. Principles of alignment, body mechanics, and locomotion shall be explored through the apply of motion vocabularies drawn from fashionable and contemporary live performance dance. Though main work shall be within the studio, the course includes a discussion of important views from which to view contemporary dance efficiency, and viewing of dance performances both reside and on video. Students enrolled within the course for one unit will undertake further studying, viewing, and writing assignments. This course could also be utilized toward the dance studio requirements. Studio. Full course for one semester. This course investigates interactions between literary production and filmmaking since the finish of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. Issues to be explored embrace the shared sociohistorical context that conditioned the production of those two cultural types and the multivalent differences between them by way of meant viewers, narrative modes, and thematic issues. Readings are in translation, and movies chosen are subtitled in English. No Chinese language coaching is required. Readings in the original Chinese and additional instruction might be supplied for students taking this course for Chinese credit. Full course for one semester. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of digital imaging. Technical and conceptual items shall be offered in a historical context and that of up to date art apply. The class will cowl digital camera operation, in addition to the use of scanners, telephones, tablets, and different digital tools and techniques to produce work. We will discover the link between art, technology, and the pc through readings, slide presentations, and class discussions. Students will study to accumulate, manipulate, and print digital images utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. Students are meant to develop a strong understanding of these digital imaging practices as well as an adaptable approach to rising technologies. Students will be expected to answer assignments with technical competence and important readability. No prerequisite. Enrollment limited to 12. Studio. Full course for one semester. A crafts-based course that focuses on the shape, perform, and idea of handmade objects in our society. The class will study skills in hand-built and thrown clay varieties, casting and fabricating with ceramics, wax, paper, cloth and glass. The assignments will explore the poetic language of every material, fusing the analog and the digital, and will focus on cooperative and group-primarily based works that can emerge from these mediums. Readings will concentrate on social practices and culturally significant, politically motivated works

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