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PASA will host two on-farm Field Days, one Pre-Conference Track at the 2016 Farming for the Future Conference, and one webinar. The project seeks to increase Pennsylvania farmers’ knowledge about new environmental impacts on farms, both ecologically and economically. At least 100 farmers in Pennsylvania will attend educational workshops and increase their understanding of key environmental stressors and sustainable agricultural methods that can build farm resiliency. Through a Project Planning Committee and culminating Round Table Meeting, a community-based learning and innovation network including farmers, agricultural organizations, Penn State Extension, and university students and researchers will be formed to advise project development and set new goals for future collaborative work. The goal of the project is to educate farmworkers about pesticide exposure and to prepare community leaders to educate others on the subject. It will provide them with knowledge, training, and educator skills needed to directly address pesticide exposure. Farmworkers in Erie County, PA will benefit first and foremost by learning about the health risks associated with pesticide exposure; knowing and understanding the laws intended to protect them and the willingness of Friends of Farmworkers to help; and becoming aware of the importance of environmental sustainability for the health of both the farmworker community and the general population. This project will increase high school students’ awareness and knowledge of local environmental health issues. High school students will participate in environmental research projects related to pesticides and well and surface water contamination. Benton County is a rural community whose students are primarily from low-income and Hispanic families “gucci mickey mouse with glasses bedding set” 

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