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of the country’s most susceptible mothers and their kids. Background Misconceptions concerning the usefulness of condoms and other contraceptives still expose many single adolescents to the chance of undesirable teenage pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections . This examine explored beliefs and misconceptions about condoms and other contraceptives among adolescents in Ebonyi state, south-east Nigeria. Method A qualitative study was undertaken in six native government areas in Ebonyi state, southeast Nigeria. Data were collected inside a interval of 1 month from in and out-of-college adolescents aged 13–18 years using twelve focus group discussions . The information were analyzed utilizing the thematic framework approach. Result Majority of the adolescents had been educated about strategies of contraception, how they are used and their modes of motion. They had been also knowledgeable about the dual results of condoms in prevention of being pregnant and STIs. However, some misconceptions that have been expressed by some adolescents had been that pregnancy could be prevented by means of exhausting medication, laxatives, white chlorine, and boiled alcoholic beverages. Condoms have been described by some adolescent boys as reusable. Condoms were additionally perceived by some adolescents to cut back sexual pleasure, and this opinion was principally held by boys. Coitus interruptus was therefore thought of more preferable than condoms for prevention of pregnancy. Conclusion Although majority adolescents have data about contraception and condom use, some misconceptions nonetheless persist. These misconceptions put many adolescents at increased risk for pregnancy and STIs that are detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Concerted efforts must be made by way of instructional and behavior change interventions in colleges and within communities to debunk persisting misconceptions about contraception including the use of condom, and properly educate adolescents on secure intercourse practices. Plain English summary Adolescents have interaction in unprotected sexual activity and other dangerous sexual behaviours because of some mistaken beliefs and incorrect impressions about how to prevent unwanted being pregnant. These dangerous sexual behaviours predispose adolescents to sexually transmitted infections, unsafe abortion and different reproductive health issues. In this qualitative examine, we explored a few of these mistaken beliefs about condoms and different methods of preventing pregnancy. During focus group discussions, adolescents recognized modern contraceptive methods, and described their modes of motion and the way they’re used. They also mentioned their contraceptive preferences and perceived effects of condoms on sexual pleasure. Although some of these adolescents were in a position


custom name texas longhorns football full printing tumbler 11
custom name texas longhorns football full printing tumbler 11
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