The hottest flower and horse all over printed slippers

found that organic produce at farmers’ markets was “almost always competitively priced” with organic produce in supermarkets. Farm-raised meats were competitively priced more than half the time. One of the goals of Slow Food is to promote local food cultures, and one The hottest flower and horse all over printed slippersway to do this is to buy food that’s actually grown in your area. Locally grown food is often tastier and more nutritious because it doesn’t take as long to get from the farm to your plate. Also, local farmers can offer varieties of produce that aren’t sold in stores because they don’t ship well. Local produce tends to have a lower carbon footprint, as well – partly because it hasn’t been shipped as far, and partly because it’s more likely to come from small family farms that are sustainably run. Go Meatless Occasionally. Even if you don’t go vegetarian, you can enjoy vegetarian dishes sometimes. The EWG offers a gourmet vegetarian recipe to everyone who takes its “Meatless Monday” pledge, promising to go without meat at least once a week. Cut the Amount. Make the same recipes you enjoy now, but with less meat. For instance, if you normally use a pound of ground beef in your spaghetti sauce, cut it down to half a pound. You’ll still get the flavor and texture the meat provides, but at less cost. You can do the same thing with cheese, reducing the amount you add to recipes like pizza or enchiladas. Pressure Cookers. For some types of cooking, a pressure cooker works even faster than a microwave. It can

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