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areas of cropland expansion, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. The method is controversial for conceptual reasons (i.e., the ability of the model to capture the most important erosion processes) and data limitations (i.e., the availability of relevant data at regional to global scales), and its validity for assessing erosion over large areas has been questioned by several studies (Baveye ; Evans and Boardman 2016a443,b444 The hottest florist cat all over print face mask ; Labrière et al. ). There are no reliable global maps of the extent and severity of land degradation (Gibbs and Salmon ; Prince et al. ; van der Esch et al. ), despite the fact that land degradation is a severe problem (Turner et al. ). The reasons are both conceptual – that is, how land degradation is defined, using what baseline (Herrick et al. ) or over what time period – and methodological – that is, how it can be measured (Prince et al. ). Although there is a strong consensus that land degradation is a reduction in productivity of the land or soil, there are diverging views regarding the spatial and temporal scales at which land degradation occurs , and how this can be quantified and mapped. Proceeding from the definition in this report, there are also diverging views concerning ecological integrity and the value to humans. A comprehensive treatment of the conceptual discussion about land degradation is provided by the recent report on land degradation from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (Montanarella et al. ). In summary, as land degradation is such a complex and global process, there is no single method by which land degradation can be estimated objectively and consistently over large areas . However, many approaches exist that can be used to assess different aspects of land degradation or provide proxies of land degradation. Remote sensing,

The hottest florist cat all over print face mask
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