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getting used to position a call. While carrying on a conversation on one mobile phone, she motioned for me to seat and wait. As I complied, she proceeded to take care of a number of tasks. Talking on one of the telephones, she simultaneously swapped small digital cards within the other two. When she was lastly carried out speaking, I requested her what she had been doing with the opposite two phones and why she had three phones. She patiently explained that she was transferring the SIM card from considered one of her mobile phones to the other, whereas chatting with her fiancé on her landline. I pointed out that every one three telephones had been capable of being moved from one place to the opposite; indeed, a stranger analyzing all three gadgets would most likely not detect any main variations in their shapes, varieties, or use prospects. Such a stranger would likely due to this fact conclude that every one three devices would fulfill any affordable standards to qualify as mobile phones. Jumoke agreed with this remark, then patiently defined to me the variations among the three telephones. Two of them, she said, had been mobile phones GSM phones. The final was a landline a CDMA line. The purpose she was swapping SIM playing cards was that one of her cell phones batteries had lost its cost and she wanted to use the credit on the opposite line to put a call. Speaking the Language In the course of my subject work, I grew to become intimately acquainted with terms like SIM card, GSM, CDMA, credit score, landline, and cell line. They are phrases that almost all Nigerians have come to understand intuitively. They require no clarification in Lagos, or elsewhere in Nigeria. These terms have become a part of the lexicon of everyday speech on the streets of Lagos, perhaps finest described by Bourdieu s notion of doxa, in which natural and social worlds seem like self-evident . To anybody immersed within the specific cell phone culture of Lagos, data of these phrases and their meanings has turn into innate a testament to the pervasiveness and widespread adoption of telecommunication applied sciences. For example, the argument can be made that credit score was a generally used word in Lagosian parlance before Since the arrival of mobiles, although, the time period credit score now has an added that means. forty four Chapter 1 Notes 1. The University of Manchester within the United Kingdom is host to the now world-renowned Mummy Project that applies biomedical research methods to the examine of Egyptian mummies. 2. Natron is a natural product, a combination of sodium carbonate decahydrate or soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. It preserves by absorbing all fluids or moisture from the body, thus leaving it in its intact state. Lake Natron throughout the Great Rift Valley in northern Tanzania is

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