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worldwide establishment as such because it ought to perform primarily as a mechanism for cooperation among largely non-governmental nationwide and international organizations scientific bodies and trade teams. To provide intellectual leadership and guide the programme there should be a steering group composed of eminent people who collectively would mirror a broad cross-part of the most important areas of data vocations and regions of the world in addition to the major our bodies active within the field. fifty eight. Governments individually and collectively have the principal accountability to collect their data systematically and use it to evaluate dangers but so far just a few have developed a capability to do so. Some intergovernmental agencies have a capacity to collect and assess information required for risk evaluation similar to FAO on soil and forest cover and on fisheries; WMO on climate; UNEP on deserts pollution and regional seas; quasi-governmental organizations like IUCN have an identical capacity. These are only some examples from an extended list. But no intergovernmental agency has been recognized because the centre of management to stimulate work on threat assessment and to supply an authoritative supply of reports and advice on evolving dangers. This hole must be stuffed both inside and among governments. Beyond our proposal that the worldwide environment assessment and reporting capabilities of UNEP must be considerably strengthened the Commission would now suggest that UNEP’s Earthwatch be acknowledged because the centre of management on risk assessment within the UN system. 5. The UNEP Governing Council can’t fulfil its major position of offering leadership and coverage guidance in the UN system nor have a major influence on nationwide policies except governments enhance their participation and the level of representation. National delegations to future meetings should

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