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associated with COVID-19. If you suddenly lose your sense of smell or sense of taste, it could be a symptom of The hottest dog chihuahua welcoming you doormat COVID-19, including people who are otherwise asymptomatic. About a week ago, the L.A. County changed how it views respiratory illness and states that ambulatory patients with symptoms of a viral respiratory illness should be presumed to have COVID-19. If we each start from the perspective of thinking we have COVID-19 and focus on what to do to avoid sharing it, maybe that will help. Safety first, protect others by protecting yourself–that’s the take home message. Wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, wear a mask when you go out to grocery shop or might pass near other people, and don’t touch your face. Even once we start having results from antibody/serology tests, we won’t know the level of antibodies needed to protect us from re-infection or how long that protection will last until we can do surveillance testing (periodic “are-you-infected” testing) on people with antibodies, especially when individuals return to work and social events. We can hope to get some useful information from the countries that are ahead of us in this process. As horrifying as the sheer numbers are for people infected with and dying from COVID-19, even when we are done with this first wave there will likely be less than 5-10% of the U.S. population will appear to be immune and only time will tell us if that immunity will last. The more people who are already immune, the less chance that the disease will continue to spread because it has more trouble finding the next person to infect – this is especially important to people in the “herd” who are either especially likely to do poorly with the disease they are trying to avoid and those unable to be vaccinated because of medical issues when a vaccine becomes available. Based on currently available information, L.A. County has averaged diagnostic tests per 100,000 people per day over the last 5 days, better than before but still short of the Harvard Global Health goal of 150 discussed last week. Test kits are still a precious resource. The end of isolation is usually determined by thetime-since-onset-of-symptomsmethod. The recently revised guidelines of 10 days since the onset of symptoms and 3 days after the resolution of fever and improvement of other symptoms is supported by research that shows virus that is able to copy itself has not been successfully cultured more than 9 days after onset of symptoms. A virus has to be able to copy itself to infect new people. Some people continue to test positive for virus for weeks to months after their illness, but we currently think they cannot infect others. Where does L.A. County stand with PPE? We sure can’t get any. Are the hospitals still operating under the CDC contingency strategies? CDC crisis strategies? Analysis suggests that approximately 45%

dog chihuahua welcoming you doormat
dog chihuahua welcoming you doormat 1

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