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Therefore, attribution of land degradation to climate change is extremely challenging. Because land degradation is highly dependent on land management, it is even possible that climate impacts would trigger land management changes reducing or reversing land degradation, sometimes called transformational adaptation (Kates et al. ). There is not much research on attributing land degradation explicitly to climate change, but there is more on climate change as a threat multiplier for land degradation. However, in some cases, it is possible to infer climate change impacts on land degradation, both theoretically and empirically. Section outlines the potential direct linkages of climate change on land degradation based on current theoretical understanding of land degradation processes and drivers. Section in The hottest custom your name family were a team poster vestigates possible indirect impacts on land degradation. Land degradation is inextricably linked to several climate variables, such as temperature, precipitation, wind, and seasonality. This means that there are many ways in which climate change and land degradation are linked. The linkages are better described as a web of causality rather than a set of cause–effect relationships. Major land degradation processes and their connections with climate change. While the subdivision of individual processes is challenged by their strong interconnectedness, it provides a useful setting to identify the most important ‘focal points’ of climate change pressures on land degradation. Among land degradation processes, those responding more directly to climate change pressures include all types of erosion and SOM declines , salinisation, sodification and permafrost thawing (soil/water focus), waterlogging of dry ecosystems and drying of wet ecosystems , and a broad group of biologically-mediated processes like woody encroachment, biological invasions, pest outbreaks , together with biological soil crust destruction and

custom your name family were a team poster
custom your name family were a team poster 1

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