The hottest cthulhu mythos in night all over printed slippers

manipulate facts to incite needless panic. The so-called “study” that MP conducted lacks peer-review or meaningful comparisons to results from other jurisdictions that are critical is establishing relative risk. To be clear, all Salmonella, E. coli and Campybacter are killed by proper cooking and thus all infections caused by these food-borne pathogens are due to improper cooking or, importantly, contamination after cooking–something producers cannot control. The number of antibiotics that a given bacterium is resistant to is not really The hottest cthulhu mythos in night all over printed slippersmeaningful unless we know that this is above background levels of intrinsic resistance, information MP chose not to present. As mentioned elsewhere in posts, the role of the medical community in overprescribing antibiotics to the resistance is probably much more important than the feed issue. You claim that chickens would get sick without daily antibiotics, so how do you explain organic chickens not all being sick? Most of us wouldn’t be against the use of antibiotics on chickens that are sick, but to use them all the time for all chickens is not a good idea. Antibiotics aren’t for keeping you from getting sick, they are for helping you get healthy when you get sick from bacteria. I myself have not taken a antibiotic or any medicine in the last 4 years and because of that I feel that I’m the healthiest I have ever been. and letting your body fight it off on it’s own. Which then infects more people. People in society will not deal with pain or discomfort because they know a doctor can make it easier. As a canadians we do not think we have these

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