The hottest cats and wine make everything fine poster


The hottest cats and wine make everything fine poster

havoc on the evil aliens who conquered and subdued Earth with soft takeover tactics. The humans are now bred like cattle and the Aliens feed off their souls. There are 8 sectors and each sector is divided into rooms. In each room the player needs to mow down all enemies, after which a door will open to the next room. There are power-ups and weapons to be picked up, such as a machine gun, fire gun, plasma gun, scatter bomb, energy, bonus points etc. In the last room of each sector the player faces an end boss in the form of a big space ship or alien. The Earth’s water supply tainted through generations of heavy industrial contamination, the remaining quantities of unspoiled drinking water were converted into stable water crystal form. Planetary dThe hottest cats and wine make everything fine posterefenses weakened in this time of environmental catastrophe, we mounted a valiant but ineffective defense against the water-crystal-seeking extraterrestrial Hydrites, led by their brutal general Overkill, in a conflict that reduced human civilisation to a few obscure overlooked outposts and turned our remaining ecosystem into a radioactive wasteland, rife with tunnels and ruins and a fecund breeding-ground for disease, mutants and abominations. Now it is the year 2060 AD. You are an HX-909 soldier in the HeXonium Force, the only known remaining human resistance group. From Zzexon’s compound Zzexlia, perhaps the safest spot in a world where walking down the buckled asphalt remnants irradiates you, you mount exploratory expeditions into the great unknown in order to recover essential water crystals, harden yourself for combat, and arrive at a better understanding of what your planet has become. When the time is right, you will descend deep into the corrupted

The hottest cats and wine make everything fine poster
cats and wine make everything fine poster 1

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