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a strong interest in the area of finance and have been inspired from a young age. As the world becomes more interconnected and global, finance professionals need to be equipped with the skills needed to excel. Closer to home where I grew up, is now developing at a rapid rate and there is a need to ensure business professionals are able to respond to these changes. I am an ambitious student who enjoys a challenge. I believe I am ready for the next step in my academic journey. I hope I can share this journey with . As a current student in the at , I am writing in to demonstrate my worthiness of studying at postgraduate level. My first  The hottest cat dreamy night for cat lover all over printed shirt introduction to human resource management came as a result of a work experience that I engaged in. It was as a result of this encounter that I was able to get more understanding of the roles played by human resource in tackling performance issues and consequently achieving organisational success. In light of this, I wish to pursue the Human Resource Management at the highly regarded , in the hope that I can assist organisations achieve their goals and objectives, I addition to building reputation for recruitment, training and more. I am a candidate of the at the . Recently, my enthusiasm for project management grew from a to my uncle’s office as he owns his own business. I was intrigued by the amount of work and effort that was put into running a project, wondering how it was possible to manage so many people and run a project that involved such careful delegation and an appropriate use of time. A project management related degree from an esteemed university will assist me in my future career. Therefore, I would like to apply for Programme and Project Management course at the . I am confident that under your guidance I will have the foundation laid for a successful career. As a current student a major in , the next phase of my academic journey excites me. I am on course for receiving

cat dreamy night for cat lover all over printed shirt

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