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I think that’s a really nice perspective. Well, you have to be hopeful. It is technologically possible. I believe that it is possible. I suppose the one thing that’s lacking is political will, but that’s beginning to be generated on a scale and at a pace that I don’t assume any of us imagined a couple of year ago. And due to the school strikes for the climate, due to Extinction Rebellion, finally civil society is starting to put stress on politicians to do what’s necessary, which is — let’s be clear — an entire transformation of our economy. But the humorous thing is, we’ve done that before. We did that in World War Two — almost every industrialized nation rejigged all of its industrial processes in a shorter time period than we have now to cut emissions in half. So I assume it’s really just, can we rouse ourselves to rise to the problem? I think we are able to; I just hope we are going to. Another factor is the overall context, and I guess before you really go into any of these, what are the measures you must be taking. But the other thing is simply The hottest book lovers reading library cats autumn in tote bagacknowledging that you have a problem — or not even that you’ve got an issue, but that you’re a producer of fossil fuels. In these paperwork, you see international locations reporting all types of things like, “We are extraordinarily vulnerable to the results of local weather change.” You see nations reporting, “Here are our main industries.” You see a lot of background info. And what would be really helpful is that if international locations additionally included it in that background data, “Yeah, and we extract coal and right here’s our projections as to how that’s going to alter

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