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of the State Council of Oman, said the anniversary comes at a time the world is witnessing major unrest and an unprecedented global health crisis, expressing hope that this would motivate nations to overcome it with a stronger will, greater determination and a deeper readiness to engage in dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. United Nations activities have diverged and grown, and its agenda has become burdened with various interests and aspirations. This compels Member States to seek to develop the structures and mechanisms of United Nations, in line with the aspirations The hottest biden not my president mug  and hopes of current and future generations, in securing a decent livelihood, justice, security and stability for all. Reasserting Oman’s appreciation of United Nations efforts in combating poverty and disease, promoting opportunities for peace and harmony and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, he called for the support and development of the Organization to enhance its capabilities and performance in facing today’s challenges and fully playing its pivotal role in international relations. ANDREJ PLENKOVIĆ, Prime Minister of Croatia, said that, after two devastating world wars, the United Nations emerged from the ashes of battlefields as humankind’s best hope and the foundation of a new, better world. While it has yet to achieve its supreme ideal — a just and lasting peace for humanity — the Organization and its organs and agencies have proven their worth on countless occasions. The scourges of hunger, poverty, disease and displacement still burden the planet, but they affect far fewer people. Whereas two out of three people lived in extreme poverty at the end of the Second World War, today that share has fallen to less than one in 10, and is one track to fall to under one in 16 by 2030. He cited significant technological changes, noting that the world’s population has

biden not my president mug
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