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very own region. Hedonistic angle typically characterizes consumers self-declared as gourmands who give an enormous emphasis to the olfactory-gustatory traits of foods that strongly stimulate their urge for food . It was noticed that respondents with hedonistic perspective are “meat eaters” and likewise very fond of pastry. This finding resonates with those of earlier studies of Bobe et al. and Hemann et al. , which revealed that the angle of striving for personal enjoyment in food consumption often ends in overweight related well being points. Convenience-oriented respondents appear to be The hottest baby elephant with flower all over printed slippersmuch less interested in nutritional steadiness, but somewhat within the need to save lots of time, as they normally have a really alert pace of life. That is why their choices mainly concern traditional semi-ready or ready-to-eat meals, purchased from supermarkets/hypermarkets or from catering community. Usually, these shoppers prefer to eat out and they are not interested in cooking, as it was pointed out by Buitrago-Vera . The choices of healthy-oriented respondents are centered on traditional meals which are natural, less processed, seasonal, and locally sourced. These foods are purchased mainly from small producers or cooked/produced in their own household. As earlier studies have shown , the need to fulfil the essential vitamins, to take care of well being and physique weight, or environmental concern are an important causes for selecting healthy products. In order to avoid food waste, a large a part of the respondents acknowledged that they used to supply the excess of meals to other individuals . Also, it was observed that respondents who stated that they respect the fasting period usually are not excited about reducing the

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