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in general, to the ruin of many families; the stagnation of business in Spitalfields and Manchester, by way of need of vent for his or her goods; with other future evils, which, as they cannot, from the numerous and secret connections normally commerce, easily be foreseen, can hardly be prevented. The Dutch, the Danes, and French took this opportunity thus supplied them by our imprudence, and started to smuggle their teas into the plantation. At first this was something difficult; but at length, as all business is improved by follow, it became easy. A coast fifteen hundred miles in size couldn’t in all components be guarded, even by the whole navy of England; particularly when their restraining authority was by all the inhabitants deemed unconstitutional, the smuggling in fact considered as patriotism. The needy wretches, too, who, with small salaries, had been trusted to look at the ports day and night, in all weathers, discovered it simpler and more worthwhile not only to wink, however to sleep of their beds; the service provider’s pay being extra beneficiant than the King’s. Other India goods, additionally, which, by themselves, would not have made a smuggling voyage sufficiently worthwhile, accompanied tea to benefit; and it’s feared the cheap French silks, previously rejected, as to not the tastes of the colonies, could have found their method with the wares of India, and now established themselves in the in style use and opinion. The colonies, on this repeal, retracted their agreement, so far as associated to all different items, besides that on which the obligation was retained. This was trumpeted here by the minister for the colonies as a triumph; there it was considered only as a decent and equitable measure, displaying a willingness to meet the mom country in every advance in direction of a reconciliation, and a disposition to an excellent understanding so prevalent that possibly they may soon have relaxed within the article of tea also. But the system of commissioners of customs, officers without end, with fleets and armies for accumulating and enforcing those duties, being continued, and these performing with a lot indiscretion and rashness , occasioned a persevering adherence to their resolutions in that particular; and the occasion should be a lesson to ministers to not danger by way of pique the obstructing any one branch of trade; since the course and connection of common enterprise could also be thereby disturbed to a level impossible to be foreseen or imagined. For it appears that the colonies discovering their humble petitions to have this obligation repealed have been rejected and handled with contempt, and that the produce of the duty was applied to the rewarding with undeserved salaries and pensions every certainly one of their enemies, the duty itself turned extra odious, and their decision to share it extra vigorous and obstinate. The colonies had from their first settlement been ruled with extra ease than maybe

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