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the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, GTZ, DFID, UN agencies, the IUCN, the WWF and so forth.81–83 In addition to Government’s plan, insurance policies and tasks, the government established institutions, agencies as well as international organizations also have been working to address the local weather change points in Pakistan. The hottest american flag God faith over fear all over print flag The impacts rely upon their geographical places, measurement, financial standing, and coping mechanism to deal with the disaster. For instance, Bangladesh and Nepal belongs similar area and have nearly similar geographical dimension, nevertheless, the degree and the modality of issues are different, however interconnected. For instance, one of many impacts of worldwide warming is having “lengthy lasting results which can result in melting of glaciers, climate change, droughts, ailments and enhance in hurricanes frequency.”26 Here, if we study the state of affairs, Nepal’s glaciers melting helping sea stage rise and Bangladesh, which is belong to low land has direct results of sea stage rise. As such this interconnectedness applies to entire planet. This additionally brings us to the purpose of interdependency of chain of ecosystems. As social scientist I also see interconnections of social system and our habits with our environment as well as to the society. As known notion, industrialization process occurred throughout in western industrialized world and continues so far and will proceed to future (modality might be totally different however goals remains the identical . We have to assume who’re the victims? We know, what’s the answer; however, it is too late to blame to the past and even to present. It’s time to consider the very fact, the entire planet is sufferer and solely collectively we will reduce the severity of the environmental problems. In my opinion, the individuals or group, solely externally, oppose the statement “the local weather change is occurring due to anthropogenic disturbance in natural environment” in the internal coronary heart they know, the fact that, globe is warming and we human are responsible. I think, each certainly one of us have witnessed or skilled the change in global setting or heard concerning the recent past and current scenario of the environment. In this interview format opinion paper, Professor Medani P. Bhandari, instantly or indirectly reveals the interconnected impact of geographical, and socio-cultural setting on personal motivation building. As such Prof. Bhandari tells the story of why and how he became interested in the conservation of nature and pure assets, what was the problems and how he overcome and constantly engaged on the same observe with same focus in his entire life; however, it might be the story of every environmentalist who have tried to continue environment conservation action and activism and educational scholarships together. Prof. Bhandari is a lifelong conservationist, skilled

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