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I Will Never Apologize For Being American Truck StickerCreation of The StickerAlthough many people claim the creation of the sticker dates back to the 1700’s, the stickers they are referring to are in fact stamps, which depending on your definition of a sticker affects the outcome. For this instance we’re putting stamps and stickers as two completely separate products. The first modern day sticker as we know today was created in 1935 by Stan Avery, also known by his catchy nickname ‘Stan The Sticker Man’. Stan created a die-cut labeling machine using a washing machine motor, parts from a sewing machine and a saber saw. This is credited as the first machine to make self-adhesive labels which birthed the sticker, known originally as Avery Labels. To this day the company Avery set up still makes pressure sensitive, self-adhesive labels or stickers if you will.

I Will Never Apologize For Being American Truck StickerWith the launch of his Avery Labels (Stickers) becoming increasingly popular across America, the company grew internationally, allowing the company to grow in size, giving Avery’s company funds to perfect the finished product. Avery later developed a quick release coating for the back of the labels allowing his product to be easily peeled off without damaging the surface it was stuck on. In addition to this, the company also developed a more efficient production process allowing the entire sticker to be printed on one production line as opposed to a multi stage process which was in place before. Not only did this save on time, space and money, it enabled the company to keep up with the increasing demand of his revolutionary and unique product, the sticker.

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