Window Three rabbits poster


Marcus I know you are a very good person who fights for what’s right please am a united fan from Nigeria and I have been supporting Manchester United since I was 6 and today am 28 years old ,Marcus please help speak against the mass killing of innocent… See More. Hope you are going to refuse your MBE. Keep up the good work though but remember to stay principled. This award like many others means absolutely nothing. We know your worth and praise your cause . Am not United fun but u did well yesterday congrats. Absolutely raging on your behalf today Marcus. Well done thus far – continue to believe in your cause. And well done for your night in Paris!. Thank you for everything you are doing for children who need free meals in the holidays. I lived in sale on the council estate in 70 and 80 had a large family. Every Christmas and summer holidays I would get into debt with the rent trying to feed the c… See More Window Three rabbits poster

Window Three rabbits poster

Window Three rabbits poster

Thank you Marcus for saying what you have, and for your unfailing focus on what should be at the centre of any decent society.. I can’t wait your 1st hattrick ever hopefully will come against Chelsea next weekend . I am so proud of what you are doi g I am a single mum of 4 children and I have worked for 25 years for my local council and i really struggle if you need any kind of help or support i would be happy to speak out about my struggles if it helps xxxx. As the government do not care about its people, perhaps we should bypass the tax system and donate directly to a charity that can fund this awesome cause. I would happily donate a monthly amount.. Arsenal has to buy u for sure u deserve big teams not Manchester united . Marcus , you are a star to help those children out there that struggle every day . Thank you for what you do on and off the pitch , you are a true inspiration & your family should be proud of you …. Window Three rabbits poster

Beautiful Window Three rabbits poster

Window Three rabbits posterWindow Three rabbits poster

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