To my Shih Tzu family poster


Good one Rashhy, bit its not Xmas but Christmas, Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.. Even outside Europe and Eastern world. Today is my birthday. As a man Utd fan, I have been given a 10% discount on any item I wish to purchase and also a 50% discount to become an official fan for the 2020/2021 season. Selfishness won’t help you, together with Lingard in making Greenwood…. As beneficiaries,how do we apply?. Rashford pls play hard so that wi can bring the Europa league at old trafford.. Ok can you concentrate on your football as it’s been sub standard nice that your helping but ball in the back of the net please that will do if you can remember hot to do it!!. We based in Africa can we register?. Amazing to give back and use your profile to highlight hunger and poverty. Well done and keep up the good work To my Shih Tzu family poster

To my Shih Tzu family poster

To my Shih Tzu family poster - Picture 1

We’re in Ghana here waiting for u o also come n bless our people here with your support. A lot of children are in the various hospitals who cannot pay their bills To my Shih Tzu family poster Just come n rescue some if not all . I’m participate in local scheme to collecting food and I’m inspired by your work Marcus. But every time I contribute food I’m come home furious. Not at the hungry people. But for goodness sakes, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world WHY are p… See more. Hope for Food are supporting families in need in Bournemouth and Poole at Christmas and all year round. A long shot I know but please look at “Ginger Doing The 92” page. My good friends have been travelling the country visiting all 92 EFL grounds since Sunday for the charity Fare Share to ensure no child goes hungry this Christmas. Your support to this c… See more Ginger doing the 92 Marketing agency

Limited Edition To my Shih Tzu family poster

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