Three tigers by the window poster


I take my hat off to this boy to use the footballing platform to good work and the get the message be sure it is being heard.i salute you. I wish I had been as brave as you. I had free school meals and help and I felt like I needed to keep it a secret because I was different and somehow not good enough. It’s only lately that I talk about deprivation and wish I had had confidence like you … See more. Absolutely amazing young man x makes me proud of our next generation they are so caring and incredible x. Marcus ! your words in this video is so genius and touching, look forward to see the documentary…. No kids should go to bed with hunger , really really proud of you and your mother and the family xxx. I really proud of you bro what you have been done very recently for those who really struggle for food. You did such great things not only in communities but also in games so you’ll definitely get back the things you pay for now Three tigers by the window poster

Three tigers by the window poster

Three tigers by the window poster

Pliiiz do not come to Zimbabwe that government needs to understand that you cannot make it in life with greedynes yes we are suffering but. I like your idea of what you are doing but our school funds in Stoke on Trent are very poor. These ideas would be fantastic if you could match the funding. It’s very hard for our schools to put these things in place during the current situation.. You better start thinking of our Europa league game with Real Sociedad. Iknow from bigining you never heard about Malawi coz never even drawn on worldmap, think of visiting this land as well there is more needy infants. Can you please be our Prime Minister?. But boris made a u turn.on free break. You are not WFP concentrate on football we the fans are hurting boy. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but calling it Exmas… Or is he an atheist Three tigers by the window poster

Limited Edition Three tigers by the window poster

Three tigers by the window posterThree tigers by the window poster

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