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Hey bro, my congratulations. Don’t let the stigma of poverty define children’s lives. So many africans wanting rashford to help them! It’s about time african’s got off their knee’s, stopped begging & did something to help themselves!. If you continue at this pace, you can expand your awareness to other continents especially Africa,South Asia and South East Asia but don’t start those non-profit organisations it will be ruined by the greed of other people in the organisation, also don… See More. His relentless and persistence efforts about this campaign is what I love the most about him. Thanks brother but in Uganda, president museven and his son muhoozi are killing ugandans,we need change after 35years in power.. Just remember when you watch it,…Marcus was raised in poverty BUT Labour was the party in power for the whole of that period!…just saying!…. God bless you Marcus you have a good heart bro that cooperation means a lot to those kids and the world i wish you can do the same thing in Africa which is the poorest continent we’d be very grateful Texas American flag

Texas American flag

Texas American flag

It’s atrocious that the government can just turn a blind eye to such issue in a modern society. Is it pure political ignorance or utter disregard for well being of the society at large. Keep on driving the cause, Marcus! Great effort . Continue the good work and don’t be distracted, I pray that one day you will go beyond UK and remember the poor children in Africa. God bless you greatly.. Children should be feed. They are the next generation, or future doctors, firefighters, scientists etc we should all pay our part and raise these issues.. You are truly an amazing individual and an ambassador for the underprivileged… My hat goes off and I salute you for your act of kindness and humanity. May you receive your blessings on and off the pitch . Keep up the good work Marcus. When God put you at a strategic position to highlight the issues of the less privilege use it quite well. Texas American flag

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Texas American flagTexas American flag

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