Star of fame award personalized canvas


Saurav MukherjeeWho is working for China37 . Sebastian IlkiewiczGet your jab sheeps go with a flow78 . Top fanRaj RamaPlease wear a good #mask and protect yourself and others around you until your doctor says otherwise… Play GIFTenor112 . Akash ChoureyShe really looks like a young bill gates169 . Pangliam LosuRepent and believe in God.. He alone can give you good health…167 . Lorraine DubuisI remember I thought back in JANUARY 2020, why on earth does the WHO no want to call this a pandemic???78 . Fada BabaThanks a lot for allowing yourselves to be use by God gone such extend. God bless you.251 . Vinod JhaStart Mumbai local train for all 154 . Cheryl UngerThanks WHO for your valued info and advise72 . Mic MichealWhat’s all this…. Please don’t be confusing the mase87 . Same Sammy SilverIt is big hope but not easy to understand about that for everyone.8 . Akhil KumarOne question from my end how soon can we clear pandemic with the hel105  Star of fame award personalized canvas

Star of fame award personalized canvas

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John RatcliffeNo ‘new normal’, only ‘normal’. The sooner we get out of this lockdown BS and back to normal the better.146 . David BoucherBaloney. The “new normal” is warmed-over feudalism.127 . Cindy GathThe world doesn’t want YOUR new normal! The world needs to stand up to those of you that did this to the beautiful people that God created in this world!165 . Michael Ernstthis will never happen. The world has a lot of injustice now and seriously, this organization has caused it and is to blame !! WAKE UP !!208 . Jahbel TarhuniI think it would be better if you find a solution to the causes that put them in this difficult situation or help them go back to their home138 . Stephen CampbellThe term “new normal”, by its very meaning clearly states its not feck’n normal!!!!!….. I depair with the behaviour of the modern human!!!183 . Jimmy EddyI love how they are talking about covid with a pic of people holding hands (the complete opposite of social distancing) just kind of ironic36  Star of fame award personalized canvas

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