Poster Three rabbits by the window


Binoy John Dr”Two of Hearts, Two Hearts that beat as One!” Sweet of you sir!Congratulations Dr. Jill Biden, the wonderful First Lady, the Strength & Force that holds the Dynamic hands of The President! God bless you from strength to strength in your own endeavours in making the world a better & humane place to live in! Binoy John Dr 1.5K . Kristie TurnerLove this, and what a beautiful outfit.179 . Beverly GallagherWhat an amazing wife and partner you have Joe! We love her already. 763 . Luis LohausWe love you too. It’s time now. At last.256 . Nana Ama Amaniampong TuffourLove this, charity they say begins at home. Great chemistry and display of affection. That’s what humans with souls do!175 . Martell OgburnI very much love that Kamala and Dr. Jill are wearing shades of purple, (blue and red).282 . Rebecca MarzouwanianWow a first Lady that likes to hold hands. !!256  Poster Three rabbits by the window

Poster Three rabbits by the window

Poster Three rabbits by the window - Picture 1

You have a beautiful family! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for this country…. “Some people make the world a better place just by being in it” …. your family epitomizes this. We are blessed by all you do!!! Thank you.. Grandfather: When I was your age, I used to go to the market with one dollars and bring home soap, rice, milk, bread, ghee, face powder etc… Look at how grown and beautiful your girls are. I can still see them as little girls when the Bush girls showed them around the white house. Happy Valentines Day to this beautiful family, the Obamas. Always happy to see this family on my timeline. Happy Valentine’s Day! . I am so sorry to say this on this kind of great photo…. but we really need help… please save Myanmar. Our military is going to kill our people and our police will no longer protect us. More than that, they are trying to make FAKE Evidence by makin… See More Poster Three rabbits by the window

Beautiful Poster Three rabbits by the window

Poster Three rabbits by the window - Picture 2Poster Three rabbits by the window - Picture 3

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