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Got up at the crack of dawn (Australia) to watch this! Great result guys!. Congratulations. Great performance and about time decisions went in our favour…UTV. Funny old game ? Week to week you don’t know how the dices roll, great win, keep going. Great game of football 3 more points and another clean sheet great link ups and Martinez was magic again. Your ball control and brilliant passes are so damn good to take a time watching that’s awesome . Hard fought, back 5 were outstanding. Matt Williams. Great win, a good battling defensive performance, and a great goal to boost, well played Jack. Back four was class. Europe we are coming for you next season. Never in doubt. Good job that wasn’t John McGinn’s backside for the offside!. Give that one to Emi and the back 4.. It’s a shame Jack’s beautiful assist to Barkley was overshadowed by the VAR drama. Fair play to Southampton though for a well fought match Poster Jesus Give me your hand

Poster Jesus Give me your hand

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Susan Gilding Poster Jesus Give me your hand Good luck to you and all the team, the villains will be cheering you on from our sofa’s at home !!! . You are talented my guy,keep up the good work.I really enjoy watching you playing. Good luck tomorrow, we need a great performance to get 3 points. What fantastic calves u have Jack. U’re hair is amazing aswell. U’re a real keeper! well u’re a midfielder but what I’m trying to say is u’re a real dream boat. Plz cum to Liverpool and ply u’re trade with the dippers.. You are a great player, I like ur style, just learn to pass at times. Don’t always make it a one man show.. Ready with you Jack. Villa through and through just awesome work will always be a vilan with so much commitment to Villa will never be forgotten through villa history . Come to Gunner’s. Lee Mckenna Just try and eliminate those mistakes at the back that have crept in recently and we can challenge any team. Going forward we look the best we’ve looked for year. UTV

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