Poster Give me your hand jesus


Poster Give me your hand jesus · 16:32 I feel it takes longer for someone to see nerve damage, I talked to a doctor one time and he said nerve damage.   · 35:25 In the being GOD made enough for all, we are the ones who took from others for ourselves and made it to where there isn’t enough for all. Judea I. Lawton   · 3:11 Watching from Washington, D.C. Thank you for this update..   · 19:26 And here in South Africa the Government is cancelling The Red Cross Contract Air Emergencies in Durban? At a time when we need the Red Cross efforts the most!.   · 15:30 Plz tell us how long we have to suffer.It’s getting harder everyday..   · 15:28 Stay safe and well take care god bless.   · 1:04:03 yes, meant each part got responsible and conduct their people at least understanding problem and support using or life on rule covid 19….. Elaine Bruce   · 22:35 Thank you WHO ♡ THANKS SEEM TOO SMALL. I am doing my best effort, please everyone, do your bit to keep us ALL safe

Poster Give me your hand jesus

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It’s being created polticaly by inadequate valuation of commodities of farm primary products.. And as Miss America would say “to world Peace”.. Khadga Bhattarai. Why don’t you try to feed the Hungry people with good food and water with those money which are Invested in Vaccines and other Corporate things? . ,how much money did the pharmacy companies have given to you. Yes we must focus on equality n opportunity for all. it would be a better situation. SIR JI VACCINES WILL COME OUT THIS MONTH END WEEK. IF YES PLS REPLY YES IF NO PLS SAY NO WORLD NEED ONE WORD’S.. MORAL ALL ARE NOT HAVING PROVINCE WHAT GOVT DEPT IS HAVING.. LORD WORLD LORD SAVE YOUR FAMILY’S JI LORD JI. You are solely responsible for the pandemic. Proud of organisation……….. I actually call it ignorance. As humans we’ve become greedy and spoilt.. Look – start at the top. Take as much money from the person who has the most. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next. Etc etc etc. And pass it out to everyone at the very bottom. And then the one right above them. And then above the… See more Poster Give me your hand jesus

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