Poster Amanda Gorman The hill we climb


Great, finally a President in the White House who wants to work and knows about his job. . Get right to work on taking jobs away from American people by canceling the xl pipeline. We might as well of had Mr.Magoo running this COVID taskforce, so it’s time to turn this around. It’s going to be nice have a mature rational adult running the country again. Also, I’m happy to see obstruction in the senate will be ending as well. 6… See More. So glad to hear you going straight to work today to start undoing the damage … Stay safe, sane and on the Sunny Syde!!!. What a wonderful sight you all are! I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel with you in charge. I cry just seeing and hearing your calm voice and words that MAKE SENSE! I don’t have to watch the news every second to see what awful thing has … See More Poster AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb

Poster Amanda Gorman The hill we climb

Poster Amanda Gorman The hill we climb

But do you have a MyPillow guy?. Helping with Covid fine! Raising taxes so the government can have more $ to waste I am not looking forward to.. #PearlsChucktaylorschallenge. 3rd stimulus check plz . I never get likes on my comments . As opposed to our so called commander in chief who crawled into a hole during the last month of his presidency while the Pandemic reared it’s ugly head!. so excited for what you and all those near you are bringing to us. To be sincerely honest in my humble opinion without being sentimental and of course, without offending anyone who thinks differently from my opinion but rather looking into this serious matter with perspective distinction and without condemning anyone’… See More. You have big shoes to fill!. Hope we don’t lose even 100k more during your first year with a vaccine around. If we do, it’ll say a lot about your effectiveness as the POTUS Poster AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb

Limited Edition Poster Amanda Gorman The hill we climb

Poster Amanda Gorman The hill we climbPoster Amanda Gorman The hill we climb

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