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There is no time but there is a world. As for all else, that is, of all that has some meaning in the Duyr’s arguments, it is we that is, Immanuel Kant, and present. it was only 95 years ago. Truly extremely simple! How wonderful is the importance ever known to now! But Kant also never asserted that the above points have been definitively established by his proof. On the contrary. Piano art mug. Right next to that page, Kant affirms and proves the opposite: the world has no starting point in time and has no end in space, and because of both, Kant is provable. just brought up the self-contradiction [Antinomie], that is, a contradiction that cannot be resolved. But the brave man who specializes in creating our original conclusions and conceptions is not: in Kant’s Antinomie, whatever he can use he scribes. just, for others he threw away.

Piano art mug

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