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God Bless you sir-I cried during your speech today. May the lord bless you and know your son is watching down so proud of you.. I caught part of your speech today, what a beautiful tribute you made to your son. It’s clear you still love him, and I’m sure he’s smiling down on you from wherever he is. Periodic table of black history canvas Best wishes for a smooth transition of power tomorrow, and please send our bes… See More. Imagine a President that is actually presidential! This man is not going out to party and celebrate his new found fame. He is getting right to work because the previous president didn’t know the meaning of the word.. I’m so excited about your administration. I’m not naive that things will change overnight. Work will be needed by all of us. But with positive messages from our leaders it is a beautiful start. Thank you . Honestly I didn’t realize the relief I would feel knowing Trump will be out of office. FINALLY. I seriously feel a weight has been lifted. It’s just so refreshing to have someone as President who can actually speak respectfully and address issues like … See More

Periodic table of black history canvas

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“Lives LOST & the Past can never be replaced, but, Words certainly can be replaced With ACTION!” Periodic table of black history canvas You have a Herculean Task in hand & I can see you are determined to take Action Now in destroying the Medusa of a Virus, President Joe Biden sir! God bless you & God speed in your mission to help the Nation & the World! Binoy John Dr . Finally a president that will actually work for the American people and not just exalt his own needs and use the office to serve himself.. Go Joe ! Cant thank you enough for running n winning this Presidency – you will show the world the power of community and caring for others Bless you Kamala and your families – Enjoy tomorrow !A NEW great beginning!. May God give u all the wisdoms you need to lead this great nation , may the shalom of Elohim be with all Americans as u are sworn in , I am praying for you Mr president . love you sir u are my model of leadership

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