Motor be strong be brave canvas


Mark Victor WozniakThis is the leadership I recognize. A leader who relinquishes his authority to the next true leader. Barack, you were a true President. 103 . Julia HotalingI totally agree, but of course Trump will take credit for that. I wish there was no term to run for president. I miss you Mr. President & Michele. 49 . Cindy SheridanYou’d think people would catch on to how Republican administrations constantly need cleaning-up after.78 . Teresa BilligI don’t have words to express how thankful I am that the adults are back in the White House.101 . Carole TallerinoYou both did a magnificent job. President Biden is doing a sensational job for only being in office for a few weeks. Wish you could be back with him. 158 . Skip KingeryThank you for that, I joined the solar industry in 2010 and have have had an impactful and meaningful career. There’s no other way I can think to thank you, than to take you for a skydive! … See More32  Motor be strong be brave canvas

Motor be strong be brave canvas

Motor be strong be brave canvas

Eric BosworthI didn’t vote for you at first! I didn’t think you had the experience! I absolutely voted for you 2nd term! You proved yourself and then some! Thanks for getting me affordable healthcare!470 . OC Cristinaback then I was laid off from the residential construction industry to be hired the next day in the solar industry. Your visionary approach saved my livelihood and gave me a great job for many years after that 386 . Vicki Lynn Pagano LupferI trust him as much as I trusted you- implicitly and completely 52 . Dorothy FinnieThank you both for all that you have done for this country and continue to do for the citizens.50 . Wamala BalunabbaI admire your sharp memory President Obama! 26 . Barbara BrunoA job well done! Now Joe has the tough job of doing the same but with Kamala at his side-I have no doubt that they will do it57 . Tom RayThere aren’t very many US presidents who are, or were, loved by the citizens. President Obama is one of them. As time goes by President Biden will become one of the most consequential presidents of modern times, having repaired the disasters of the wor… See More76  Motor be strong be brave canvas

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Motor be strong be brave canvasMotor be strong be brave canvas

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