Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas


Rashford a blessed soul beyond, keep it up with the great works on the pitch and that blessed hand for the needy,much love from zambia.. I really love seeing u play, but with your tattoos I think it doesn’t fit your calm lifestyle, dear brother.. The man with Golden Heart, thanks for helping children. I like helping them too though you are greater than me. You aren’t just a great player. Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas You’re a great human.. Well done with all the school meals work you’re doing. Really great mate!. My love for you on the pitch and off the pitch will continue to grow because you’re so humble. Thank you so much for your great humanitarian service to the less privilege. The Good Lord will take you higher in your professional carrier beyond your expe… See More. Don’t always blast the keeper 1v1! #LearnToChip. MBE for Flo Osborne 89 year old cooking for the needy

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas - Picture 1

You are just a hero, on the pitch and outside the pitch, the pride of the United Kingdom . Marcus Rashford is the first player to score a hat trick in this year’s Champions League. Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas Manchester United is the first team to score 5 goals in this year’s Champions League.. Marcus, we’ve waited a long time for that too, and we were there watching and loving the moment. Just as we are there too, supporting your fight against child food poverty. Keep making us proud. Stops child hunger during the day.. Great game. Please keep going, force these Tory pigs to protect the vulnerable young in this country. Thank you for your hard work and efforts in this. Good man!. Well done Marcus nobody deserves it more than you, and you even give the ball to martial for him to get his first of season when you could of made it 3 for you there and then. A selfless act from a great team mate. Well done, keep winning at life pal … See More

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