Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster


Chelsea played better in FA cup and lost. This game was full of sloppiness. Timo offsides and handball scores. Pulisic was just falling everywhere and killing chelsea’s tempo.. Oneil Fonjock. Why did we not play like this in the final on Saturday well done you blues got the job done . Terrible watching the highlights when you can’t see all of it… lol Zoom out.. Frank Ampadu Ansong. It happens outside the box bad officiating. So nobody’s talking about Rudiger’s 360 turn on the ball today?. Can somebody explain me why Reece James is playing at the back while Azpilicueta makes the offensive right defender? Don’t get it. Thought James is way faster and better at dribbling/crossing while Azpilicueta is the better defender?. Khan Abir Hasan. We just love to give away easy goals due to sharing of passes among our defence backline .. dont we lolx. Tonight’s game is what we call “Since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and violence taketh it by force” Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster

Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster

Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster - Picture 1

VAR is against us Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster I just hope this sorta thing doesn’t happen in the UCL finals I can’t get our disallowed goal in the FA cup finals outta my head . Perez made your sphincters twitch at the end, last day shoot out it is but the Cup is won and to beat Chelsea 2 out of matches this season is a great achievement. We all loved that.! On the other hand,i still feel like this other Amatey guy should have been slapped at least,not just argue with him. John Bannie IT’S STILL NOT OVER YET, UNTIL IT’S OVER ! KEEP UP THE WINNING SPIRITS UNTIL YOU REACHED THE FINISHED POINT. DON’T STOPPED UNTIL YOU DEMOLISHED MAN CITY, 29TH MAY !!!. Best corner kicks last night,, Mount used to waste those opportunities. Still work to do, let’s put Villa to bed first.. Ifenna O. Justine We dominated this game from start to finish, Rudiger was there at the right time, beautiful finish.… See More

Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster

Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster - Picture 2Italia UEFA EURO 2020 champion poster - Picture 3

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