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God bless you and also your mother. She must beam with pride. You’re family are a true inspiration. The influencers we actually need. Irish girl whispered back poster All the times she felt despair, her determination as a mother to raise her kids right has not only empowered her children but is helping so many others. I remember having nothing as kid, eating boiled potatoes for dinner every evening if we were lucky. Never forget where you come from and you’re living proof of that . So talented on and off of the pitch you deserve it marcus x. You are incredible, such a positive role model xx. I have no words to describe you Marcus and even I do, those words will seem less worthy to describe because you are absolutely remarkable . You have not been good in the match with chelsea, perhaps you may face injury but i am disappointed for losing important two point.

Irish girl whispered back poster

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I salute you Marcus , your a wonderful man with a beautiful soul . Top lad when you want to play for a proper manger take that trip over the M62. Marcus Rashford the British public are behind you in your charitable work. No child should go hungry in the U.K. thank you.. Marcus Rushford paid himself just under £5000 from his multi million pound company MUCS enterprise Ltd. He then gave himself a £950,000 directors loan. This means he avoids paying tax on that £950,000 and just pays tax on the £4950.. Marcus Rashford you are a legend.. what you have done Transcends football…I have nothing but respect for you sir… if this government won’t feed our hungry kids we will. ( Shot The Ball On The Right Time And Place ) Its Right Quote Or The Following Verse I Had Not Wach The Complete Match Manchster United Against Psg Legend Marcus Rashford .If Made Attempt And The Goal Keeper Block.It Coud Be One Time Or More Applca… See More Irish girl whispered back poster

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