God surrounded Cats angels poster


Jimoh Adewumi Samsudeen. Congrats to him. Yes I saw TT brought him to Chelsea vs Arsenal match, he was on bench.. Chibeka Ruth Musakanya. We love him despite having a name close to Timo. Ekene Igbokwe. Darko Nii Darku Bright. You will want him in the first team. After a few games you will start calling him a “disappointment”, “useless”, you’ll even want him sold. Typical Chelsea fans smh. But Gilmour has more appearances than him.. Plenty of talent in our academy.. There is Tino, Jude Sonsupe Bell, Lewis Bate and Tino Anojrin . Cavani can score 15 goals as Timo Warner trying to score . Elvis Frank. Leicester city I feel your pain, I know you love champions league, but Europa league loves you more.. Big ups blues. The men took it, the females took it and now the academy too has taken it. Up blues. Congratulations God surrounded Cats angels poster to him.

God surrounded Cats angels poster

God surrounded Cats angels poster - Picture 1

Bring the Lad . He is absolutely good, watched him several times Zo I dt trust Tino things, he may turn to be Timo. Next mount in the making . Congrats God surrounded Cats angels poster , tino . Tino is talent-the replica of Mason!. Next season he should feature in our squad. skinny Tuchel with a hatrick of bottling in final at 29th is what matters. How many of you lot have actually watched him play on a regular basis?. Watched his highlights ….he plays can play almost all the wings from left back to winger and defensive midfielder …the guy is just so versatile . Eloquent performance, hope to see you dine with men!. “City donates a game to Chelsea to restore their dignity..”. Another great English prospect coming through our academy. Let’s hope like Mount, Reece James, Abraham and CHO he makes the transition to the senior squad. The more academy players we have the better for Chelsea and England.

God surrounded Cats angels poster

God surrounded Cats angels poster - Picture 2God surrounded Cats angels poster - Picture 3

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