God surrounded Cats angels canvas


Top FanKeith ClokeOne of his best games to date it was clear that he and our club were hurting after the cup final and were determined to make amends! Well done my lads . Top FanPaschal Dab MarshalAt some point i thought it was black Hazard5 . Ril Jeremiah Kalombola”Am getting the feeling he’s been pumped up by the crowd!”Wow! We need this performance in the final6 . Top FanKagiso Kidd SeragiThis dais he be trying things n I gotta say his runs with the ball always creates space .he is absolutely a rejuvenated player under Sir Tuchel1 . Maikel MartodirijoThis lad definitely has some fighting spirit!  . Felix KangwonidWas happy about the game generally,the boys fight to the best,kudoz guys . Ebenezer BitamboHis work ethics has improved significantly since Tuchel arrived.1 . 정한영when your crush is watching you play10 . Alfred MoarabiLast game we were playin 3-5-2 wth Mount coming in deep, yestdai it was 3-4-3 n we display it nicely  God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 1

Landsoil ThompsonDon’t like what he played here when he has all the chances to release the ball than all these unnecessary runs that might cost him a red card. All these are unnecessary as a defender for goodness sake.2 . Matsi Salomo RomarioI was laughing at him while whispering to myself that he is indeed a warrior and a good fighter for my favourite team  . Top FanZigmee WangchukThe man looks like he running to fetch the milk but forget his wallet midway.. Good game btw4 . Chukwudi OzuruigboI’m sure that Rudiger is a militant. Even his team mates fear him to.3 . Jones MayukaWell done Toni but next time you should have a direction, because this is a work done is egual to zero . Lisapita AlfredI like the fact they took it personal, it was a revenge. A win wasn’t even a question but when.The strong mentality boost our confidence ahead of the final.Best of luck.  God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 2God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 3

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