God surrounded by Cats poster


Every natueal man is self. Centred and greedy but every child of God has the capacity to love because the. Holy. Spirit sheds the love of God in our hearts. MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED AWAY AND YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN THE CURE FOR HIVAIDS BUT JUST IN A SPACE OF ONE YEAR YOU HAVE GOTTEN A CURE FOR COVID19.TELL US THE TRUTH BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS NOT TRUE . MICHAEL JACKSON RELEASED A SONG ABOUT C… See more. As it has been explained, vaccines delivered by age groups is the better way. It includes all including vulnerable workers. Speed is the priority. Who can argue about that.. Actually you need to respect freedom of conscience and not impose mandatory medical procedures.. You can have mine and my family. We are not putting that poison . once i get jabbed mask is off im free to roam as i like God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster - Picture 1

The WHO will pay for their lies and crimes against humanity. Please I want to be clear with this , “Where was covid when we were voting ” ? Is covid a galloping inflation?. The WHO and their mates in China caused this disaster in the first, And now they are begging for help to fix the mess they caused, They should be in prison and their shabby origination shut down,. So your first target to get rid of is health care workers. hypochondric, brainwashed masses who are not able to get proper information will fall for this huge global experiment. I will pass! You can have my shot!. is a lie, people die every day, politicians do nothing, OPEN YOUR EYES. Does it mean the covid19 numbers are increasing because people don’t want to be vaccinated???. Vaccines have been available to all health workers for some time but the fact is that about 20% of them have declined to accept the offer, so who’s fault is that. God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster - Picture 2God surrounded by Cats poster - Picture 3

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