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Prost was the best. He’s doing better than Daniel Ricciardo who never left the sport. Ha! Him and Ric both are a wasted seat… Is this a yoke ?. Woww.. old school rules! The real F1 . Prost is just Prost. But Alondo is a f*cking Legend.. If alonso has not a car like a f-22 raptor,he starts to have problems. Muhammad Windy Yuniansyah. Senna would’ve been virtually unbeatable in the 93 Williams!. Prost is the GOAT!. Elizabeth Aguilar. Cos he’s overrated.. Which begs the question why bring him in when you have young talents waiting ?. Alonso is a joke.. Neil Yueng God jesus take my hand poster Wait what?. He will need a better car first.. My dead grandma could have won the championship in the 93 Williams.. with this poor Alpine Renault engine he can nothing to do. Aggelos Ferhati. David Gardner Alonzo hasn’t been 100% in 16 years. I’d rather see the return of Hulk

God jesus take my hand poster

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Raghunandan Muralidhar God jesus take my hand poster Danny’s best chance was at Redbull! He is getting old and feels like it’s a tough road ahead of him!. Brian Brian. Raghunandan Muralidhar People say like this at first same as Vettel, then when the drivers prove it, they all go nuts. Every Drivers has their own sparks, its all just matter of hardwork and times.. Maki Kay. Raghunandan Muralidhar Danny’s best bet wasn’t at Red Bull. They had already made their decision in the way they didn’t manage the rivalry between Verstappen and Ricciardo. The lead up to the crash in Baku told us everything we needed to know about who was the favourite moving forward. Any other team would have told the slower driver to not attack their faster team mate but that day, no orders were given. It was plain as day that Danny was faster that weekend.. Raghunandan Muralidhar. Raghunandan Muralidhar it all goes downhill since he left RBR

God jesus take my hand poster

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