God and pug printed canvas


I have a 6 year old and 3 other babies and your name is all my 6 year old speaks of. How proud I am to know that he speaks so highly of such an inspirational person who is such a positive and morally influential human. Thank you.. As a blue and from Wythenshawe I can truthfully sy Ian proud of fellow mancs and especially Wythenshawe born and bred young man like Marcus. Your mum must be so proud of you. Well done.. You’re an inspiration to us all. You deserve this immense honour. God and pug printed canvas Congratulations and keep winning.. Well done and well said. My son is a huge Man U fan and I love to think that the inspiration you provide goes far beyond the pitch. You are a fantastic testament to your mum, and an absolute role model at a very difficult time for many vulnerable famil… See More. Using your fame to promote a long over due problem, amazing work! I hope you continue to advocate for those less fortunate then yourself and influence others in your position to push for change! Well deserved congratulations but please keep fighting xx

God and pug printed canvas

God and pug printed canvas

Well done to your mum for raising such an amazing boy! My boy played against you when you were 12! Your mum should and I’m sure is very proud x. So deserved for your dedication to something you care so much about. Your mum must be bursting at the seams. Buy her a nice new hat . As a fellow lad from Wythenshawe and a lifelong red many congratulations Marcus, great work.. Charlotte Fenney. Congratulations Marcus,we are all very proud of you.I was the catering manager of Button Lane Primary in 1974,when Manchester provided free school meals.We all knew how much those meals meant to the families and the children.. Congratulations Marcus . Amazing well done to u n your mum she has raised and kept u on the straight path enjoy your journey and thank you for helping the children in the communities across the country may we continue to help children not to go hungry in the half term God and pug printed canvas

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God and pug printed canvasGod and pug printed canvas

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