GOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster


Maryanne SurberLove that she is wearing purple as well.110 . Hellen HillsSo proud of you and love the outcome of the innoguration today and the support of your dearly wife and family wish you made out country a better place and safe 333 . Mary MargaretA wife who actually wants to hold her husband’s hand. That will take some getting used to after the last four years.103 . Perry LowellWelcome back to the White House, Mr. President. (OK, so I’m a bit early – let me be the first to say it!)53 . Bryn Nelson-RichardI’m grateful to you for loving our nation and it’s people so much you would help us come back from the dark abyss. Forever grateful.69 . Alana GodwinI absolutely love that we again have a President that shows genuine love, affection, respect, and admiration for his spouse. She’s not just arm candy. She’s his other half and he hers.130  GOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster

GOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster

GOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster

This was a very moving ceremony President Biden. Thank you and VP Harris for acknowledging the great loss our country has endured over the past year.. Beautiful and touching honor to those who have lost their lives to Covid. Thank You for brining us together this evening in remembrance.. Thank you. From a healthcare worker in Raleigh. Thank you. . Thank you for your kindness and encouragement prayers to the family’s that lost a love one .. Thank you so much, Mr. President! We haven’t been able to have a funeral for our dad yet, and this allowed us to grieve him and honor him, until we can have a service. We appreciate this so much.. I will always remember this- it was so needed, so appropriate and so healing- after 4 years of constant assault on dignity and simple normal human behavior this was deeply appreciated. Thank you for having the character and spirit to start your time in… See More GOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster

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GOAT Tom Brady 2021 posterGOAT Tom Brady 2021 poster

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