Feminists famous signature The hill we climb poster


Thank you Joe and Kamala! We are so excited and hopeful for you to take office tomorrow at noon!. So proud to be an American tonight, after 4 LONG years! Thank you for stepping up!. You both have so much empathy, compassion and class.. I’m so ready for new leadership. Thank you for honoring my mother and so many others who have lost their lives because of this horrible virus! . That was a beautiful ceremony! I watched it…. I shed tears. Our country needed that. It was a beautiful ceremony. So excited for you, Mr. President. Getting up extra early to celebrate this amazing day!! . We lost my husband’s grandmother to COVID 3 weeks ago this Saturday just days before her scheduled vaccination. Thank you for giving Americans the healing words they needed to hear for the last year. . Thank you for your heart and for acknowledging the lives, grief and sacrifice of so many in a beautiful memorial and before your inauguration. Brady 2021 GOAT poster

Feminists famous signature The hill we climb poster

Feminists famous signature The hill we climb poster

Rachel Sarno NussHallelujah!! Please live up to what we need as a country! Praying for healing!!758 . Yousuf EftiCongratulations!Really it’s a new day for America as well as for the world. … See More427 . Kelly Dombrow JahimiakThank God he is gone! The world is a better place without him! So excited for the next 4 years!925 . Irene McLoughlinSo excited and so hopeful. Thank you!!!373 . Gerri MarcineI thought Van Jones put it well this morning. The country was taken to its knees. In grief. In pain. But today it is on its knees in prayer with you. And now everyone will be able to stand up together. 934 . Lynette GallowayWelcome back!!! Ty for your love and dedication to this great Country! Stay safe!!! 764 . Eric DuncanCongratulations, bring the world forward. With love from Malaysia556 . Jaden MykelsNew Beginnings. Excited for this new Journey #BidenHarris308 . Charles GradelWe made it, the day we’veall been waiting for 266  Brady 2021 GOAT poster

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Feminists famous signature The hill we climb posterFeminists famous signature The hill we climb poster

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