Farm girl into the barn canvas


Ok but what the real cost of Healthcare for all. You are not the rod Israelites look and live and the snake.. WHO wants us all to get health insurance, why? So they can all benefit from it and become richer and richer. They dont care for us, they don’t care whether we live or die. We are just a number to them.. It is easy for an organization to ignore the challenges that the individual face economically… yes Health for everyone iii. If you understand what you write, it is most important to invest into Ayurveda. You know, its not just wellness. Its the oldest medical system of mankind and needs more respect and acknowledgement.. Maybe a good starting point would be delivering food and clean drinking water to impoverished people, rather than making pharmaceutical companies wealthier by buying their vaccines.. This was to kick the control of survaliance of human’s where abouts and pushing vaccines that do not promise immunity Farm girl into the barn canvas

Farm girl into the barn canvas

Farm girl into the barn canvas - Picture 1

WHO wat does it mean in deep meaning according to this world??. WHO IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT.LOL. And what have you done to provide universal healthcare for the world?. People should invest in their own health. It’s a no-brainer. why it always spreading through media?there must b a curtail against it pls. Best stay away from WHO for the very best health. They sure don’t want you healthy. Those ndiyagdhsvzsbubzd can you tell me if there is nothing in this message and any files needs of to do it again in the future of. I wouldnt believe a thing comming out their lying mouth. Then make the american goverment stop privatizing medicine. Covid will never go away until then.. ONLY way I was gonna check it out .. I do not have a smart phone and don’t plan on getting one any time soon … g,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka. Indeed but Poor cannot afford it to pay every month !! Farm girl into the barn canvas

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