Dolphin window view poster


Mushindi KEI remember that man utd debut. Every striker was injured and Rashy was chosen to fill the gap… The rest is history32 . Emma Jane GrundyAbsolute inspiration! I came from the same background as you. Its hard but you get through it and also by the love and support from your mum. Xx3 . Ramona RamenFirstly your mum deserves so much credit for raising such an amazing young man, I will do the same with my teen son Jaeden and cheers to you Marcus you are such an inspiration to young and all.Keep inspiring others and remain the beautiful role model t… See more35 . Top fanGarry ChamberlainAs I have said many times about this young man he is an amazing human being I absolutely worship him and his mum what a fabulous job she did bringing this young man up I am a Manchester lad and I went hungry now I’m 70 and I don’t really have any idols… See more5  Dolphin window view poster

Dolphin window view poster

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Josephine CheungMarcus ! your words in this video is so genius and touching, look forward to see the documentary…. No kids should go to bed with hunger , really really proud of you and your mother and the family xxx . Mung Mung PiI really proud of you bro what you have been done very recently for those who really struggle for food. You did such great things not only in communities but also in games so you’ll definitely get back the things you pay for nowShow the world what… See more3 . Karen IzzardEvery time I watch u I cry u such a lovely person with the biggest heart and I’m sure u are helping the fight we need people like u to fight for the poor this shouldn’t be happening in2020!!!!4 . Mary FenechYou are such an amazing young man keep doing what you are doing Marcus you are giving example to others well done hero1  Dolphin window view poster

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