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Mohamed Lamin MansarayHappy holidays Marcus you’ve been doing extremely well feeding the children this year please continue the positive work and God bless you and please continue to concentrate on scoring more goals for Man Utd 17 . Rachel LongA beautiful talented human being, using his hard earned, well deserved platform in life to fight for those less fortunate. Merry Christmas Marcus and your family. You may be able to buy your mum the world but I guess your kindness, humanity and humilit… See more36 . Leiricia Fiona MunasarMerry Christmas RashyIt’s been a tough year for all of us but some of us made it thanks to the Lord. So great to rejoice the festive spirit with loved ones despite the pandemic. Hope you well Rashy and I can’t wait for you to unwrap a beautiful Boxi… See more7 . Mateusz GrombkaHaving privelage of witnessing what yo have accomplished so far is a true honour Marcus, you are inspiring young man, your name will be spoken of after decades considering what you’re doing on and off the football pitch. Legend in making. Marry Christm… See more3  Cow window poster

Cow window poster

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Bob PrinceYou will be admired for your kindness that you have shown to the world. You have made a great legacy in this pandemic year for your support. May the God shower you with all the goodness in the world. 4 . Cate ThorntonYou’re a lovely young man with your priorities in the right place. My boys really look up to you, thanks for all you’ve done. Merry Christmas xxx15 . Gill PortchBeautiful soul. You have made your mum proud and above all you show that BLM . Thank you for being you and doing all you do x 4 . Norah Mary RyanGive your Mother a big hug from me. She sowed the seeds and set the example you followed. Much love to you both 11 . Top fanLaura PriceThank you for using your voice to help so many people in the UK. 2 . Claire HoggYou are going to make one great dad and husband for someone. I don’t watch football . Your a decent human being with a heart of gold compassion and love. Well done for using your voice to help the more needy . Happy Christmas xx8  Cow window poster

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