As brave as Ragnar poster


I’m so in love with you Marcus As brave as Ragnar poster I just love the way you play, the way you dedicate yourself to the club, your fight against food poverty… It’s absolutely remarkable and you are so generous . Not too much playing game Marcus. Not good for your back. Love you son . Unrelated topic Rashford,how is the transfer for Ronaldo coming along…. it will be a BIG win for us as I think he will play as a striker and you keep your position, goals assists skills leadership competitive including merchandise sales and all that … See More. Last generation AMD processor with graphics attatched! Exactly the same as XBOX! lmao. I can’t wait to play either but it won’t be anytime soon . It’s not easy to reach that bro. U have worked alot. U make me so happy when you’re in the pitch. A Malawian supporter. I won’t change to be a Man United fan.

As brave as Ragnar poster

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Loved the line up! Tell the gaffer to start playing Donny more!. Man u have great players. I will not be surprised if Man u win EPL, and even go ahead to win Uefa champions League.. Immediately I saw the line up I just knew it that we gonna have a positive result,nice one we awaits for more good performance.. Thank you guys but Martial is lazy he still has to work hard otherwise. Marcus you could have allowed bruno fernandez to get his hatrick bcoz is so difficult for a midfielder to score a goal, I wanted all those Arsenal and Chelsea fans to watch him have a hatrick with penalty so that they will all die and perish. I wish thy had given Bruno the penalt and he gets his first hat trick in Champions league football! All the same bigups for Man U.. Who else noticed that the line up tonight was great As brave as Ragnar poster

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