Adair clan badge tartan blanket


With you Radford, am well pleased. I am a teacher but your charity towards children inspires me more. You need to educate us how you make it with children. God bless you. We love you, Uganda’s biggest fun for you, dear. See you Sunday, with Southampton… See More. How do we watch in US? There’s so many poor children out here, would be great to get the US athletes inspired to help like you. Keep on with the good work, bro. History won’t remember you just for being a legendary football player but a limitless giver as well. You’re one of a kind pitch man.. Go Marcus! Thank you so much for everything you do, both on the pitch and off! Excellent! Crack on!. U are fast becoming a legendary humanitarian. You will both be remembered as a great player and a humanitarian. Keep doing your part to end hunger. Adair clan badge tartan blanket

Adair clan badge tartan blanket

Adair clan badge tartan blanket - Picture 1

Lovely bro Adair clan badge tartan blanket your attitude inspires me when you got the government to overturn the decision right after that you fought harder and when they finally came up with a plan you fought even more harder Marcus you an amazing human being MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A BIG THANK YOU TO YOUR MOTHER. Somethings are more important than football. So if u can’t score in de game, score points in de lives of humanity.. Dr not only good in field but a caring, loving and a kind hearted person.U are a hero worldwide and indeed your work shall never go unpaid for for your reward is great in Heaven.Good job marcus Rashford keep it up and May God bless u lad .u are an insp… See More. Jules Twemlow. Looking forward to it. A great role model!. Lelesiit Dominic. You need to keep going. They are cutting education budget next year and the teachers are just like you. My daughter is a special needs teacher and she went to University even though I was a single parent of 4. The kids will starve more if they can’t em… See More

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