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On the contrary, it is necessary to draw six lines in three opposite directions from the same point in order to conceive of the dimensions of space, and thus we will have six dimensions. AC/DC halloween. Kant understood that very well so he only applied his series of numbers to the spatiality of the world indirectly, by going around. On the contrary, Duyr forces us to acknowledge the six dimensions in space, and immediately after that he indignantly denounces Gau’s mathematical mysticism as someone who expresses dissatisfaction. with the usual three dimensions of space. Applied in time, the bilateral infinity line, or two infinite series of units oriented two sides, has some visual significance. But if we envision time as a series from units onwards, or as a line that begins at a certain point, then we say before that time has a starting point: we have assumed that is what we want to prove.

AC/DC halloween

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